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We have been in business for over a decade now and have come from humble beginnings. Our Philosophy of using the best equipment available to produce the best quality lawn for your home and sport fields, ensures you receive the best on the market. With specialised tractors and mowers being driven by Alex Nxele for the last 7 Yrs, to our recent addition of the Kesmac 2200 sod harvester, we aim to supply the Freshest, Greenest Turf on the Market.

Please feel free to visit our office, have a cup of coffee while we answer any questions you might have.

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Livinglawn is an exclusive product grown and supplied by Duzi Turf grass farm in KZN. Our grass is developed into an instant product by our highly specialized team who can deliver and install throughout South Africa.

When your rolls of grass are delivered they are fully grown, weed free and of the highest standard - easy to lay and ready to thrive in your environment.

We specialise in bulk orders all year round.

We currently stock several varieties of lawn such as LM Grass, Berea, Kikuyu, Cynodon, Royal Blue to cater for different needs ranging from road verge suitable types to grassing used for sports fields.

We supply instant lawn for:

  • Landscape contractors
  • Civils
  • Road Works
  • Sports fields
  • Domestic retail
  • Property developers


  • When preparing your area for instant lawn, you should make sure that the area has adequate drainage and that there are no weeds present.
  • To remove existing weeds, you should spray an appropriate herbicide at the manufacturer’s recommended rate.
  • Wait 2 weeks and apply again if necessary. Remove the old lawn with a rake and fork. Do not plant over your old lawn.
  • Test your soil. For acidic soils (pH below 6) add lime available from any good garden supplier.
  • Dig and turn over the soil to a depth of 150-200 mm, mix some compost (1 bag for 5-7 m2 ) in the soil profile and rake level.
  • If you are installing an automated irrigation system for your lawn, install it after soil preparation and test the coverage.
  • Lay your instant turf immediately upon delivery.


How to lay your instant lawn

  • Start laying your instant lawn down along the longest and straightest edge of your area. Push each piece firmly together, in a similar manner to laying ceramic tiles.
  • When planting on steep slopes or batters, plant the sods perpendicular to the slope and peg them into the soil to prevent movement.
  • Immediately start applying water to your new grass and saturate to ensure that the soil underneath is wet.
  • It is important to keep your grass moist for up to 2-3 weeks (water daily or as needed) whilst the roots are settling into your soil.
  • If possible roll the instant lawn with a light roller to improve the contact between your grass and the area’s soil.

After the grass has firmly rooted itself you can water less frequently and for longer periods to encourage good deep root growth (25ml or 15cm deep, once a week in dry periods)


How to maintain your instant lawn

The first 4 weeks and longer


Avoid concentrated traffic on your new lawn. This allows the roots to bed down and knit together. It is important that the soil remain moist at all times. Be careful not to over water in shaded areas and to not under water in full sun areas.

After 4 weeks you are ready to mow.


Mow your lawn at the recommended height (see guide below). DO NOT use brush cutters as they damage the lawn and are NOT designed for mowing that is why they are called BRUSH cutters. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf off your grass.

Low mowing of your lawn can leave it damaged and susceptible to weed invasion. Avoid mowing in extreme heat.


Keep your lawn in tip top condition – water once a week (to depth of 15 cm) in dry periods as opposed to more frequent watering with less water, this will help produce a good deep root system and keep the lawn healthy.


Mowing tips for your instant lawn

  • Set the mower on the highest setting – this allows for the grass canopy to grow tall, creating the LUSH feel. It helps keep the soil well shaded which in turn prevents weeds from germinating and improves moisture retention in the soil.
  • No Raking – raking can damage rooting in areas that are already sparsely planted.
  • Leave your grass clippings – Your grass clippings break down and feed the bacteria in the soil, these then die and become natural nutrients for grass.


  • It is best to water early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Why? This helps prevent grass disease's from developing in a humid environment
  • We recommend that new lawn be watered deeply, once a week. Why? This ensures that individual lawn plants grow stronger roots to seek out ground water. By mimicking natural rainfall patterns, you encourage stronger root growth in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. If you water just a little bit daily the roots get lazy and grow very shallow. This is fine until you have a really hot day and then they struggle.